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No records of Rajiv’s phone calls after Bhopal gas leak: PMO


No records of Rajiv’s phone calls after Bhopal gas leak: PMO


The mystery about who facilitated the escape of Union Carbide chief Warren Anderson’s from the country after the Bhopal gas tragedy, may never be solved.

The then Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Arjun Singh has said in the past that Anderson was allowed to leave Bhopal to prevent a law and order situation in the city, but it was assumed that the orders to let him fly out of India on December 7, 1984, came from a higher authority in Delhi. Had Anderson been promised “safe passage” by the External Affairs Ministry?

Whether that was in fact the case may never be known.

The Prime Minister’s office has now said in response to an RTI query, that it has no records of phone calls made or received by the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in the aftermath of country’s worst industrial disaster.

The minutes of the conversation between the two leaders might have indicated the circumstances in which Anderson was arrested and later allowed to use aircraft of Madhya Pradesh government to come to Delhi from where he left for United States.

But now the PMO has said it does not have records of any telephonic conversations between Rajiv Gandhi and US officials or with Arjun Singh in the week following the Bhopal Gas leak which killed over 15,000 people and maimed thousands.

“The applicant sought information relating to phone calls made/received by the Prime Minister during specified days in December, 1984. The matter was referred to the office for inputs. The office has informed that PMO does not have the information sought by the applicant,” Central Public Information Officer Sanjukta Ray said in her reply.

The RTI applicant had sought to know from the PMO the minutes of calls made to Arjun Singh during December 6-8, 1984 besides details of calls made to any government official of the MP government during the period of Anderson’s stay.

“The reply does not indicate that they (PMO) do not maintain information. Had it been the case they could have mentioned it in the reply,” an Information Commissioner commented.

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  1. shaffkat alam says:

    High and mighty have misused power to wipe off their misdeeds in past and they are doing same in present and will kill the truth in future also to hide their KALE KARNAME.Examples show this blatant misuse of authority is universal. May be India and our netas, many are khandani(rajiv ji) and most of them petty history sheetors know better to bend spineless officials to kill truth.In our country we make murderers heroes.But these loins when face GORE AKAS become BHIGI BILLI.Corruption is also an angel.Anderson ko bhagaya jana inme se kya tha Khuda malum.Most of the times guilty escape making snap goats of some lower ranked gulams.Only we can prey for justice.Brave are you people of media who are playing with your life to bring out truth.But many a times even pen bow under the pressure mostly from media owners.May god give you strength Ameen

  2. To hide is easy that to come in the open…”Baarish mein bheegne se sabko dar lagta hai” such were and are the politicians. It is not USA where Lindsey Lohan , even being celebrity, is punished….There are so many sallus here.

  3. 26 years is not a small time to probe….it cud be done in 26 days or even 26 months…..there is always a ”but”….

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