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About Us

Who we are?
What we are trying to do with this web site?

It’s an attempt to speak to you and listen to you on various issues of our common interest and then speak together in one voice.

… Who am I?

Well, I am Raajkumar Keswani; a journalist for the past forty years. Born and brought up in Bhopal. My identity as a journalist, unfortunately, is tagged with a disaster. The world’s worst industrial disaster, commonly known as Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984. A catastrophe, which took the toll of several thousand of innocent people. The disaster was the result of a failed attempt on my part to prevent it from happening. I ran a campaign since 1982, warning about the impending disaster. A series of articles and letters to the powers that be went unheeded.

What we are trying to do with this web site? We —- you and me —- will think together. Talk about the issues of our concern. And thus we speak together on the issues. When we come together our voice may not shake the earth, but can certainly shake the minds.

Along the way we shall also have fun. For we are not going to ignore the beautiful side of life. We will find new friends, crack jokes (old and new), talk literature, music, cinema and many more things.

So let’s start right away. Browse the site. Start a thread or join a thread to express yourself. And let the world know – we have arrived.


RajKumar Keswani

  1. The website is most welcome as it provides a forum to discus and exchange matters and views of common interest.Also, we may gain first hand information regarding subjects and issues with comments, before they appear here and there.
    Bhai Keswaniji is a well experiencrd journalist and we can believe that he shall handle the job not with responsibility and care alone but make it more popular amongst the citizens of India, Madhya Pradesh in particular

  2. Mahendra K SHUKLA says:

    Dear Mr. Keshwani,

    Thanks for sending the Email regarding The Bhopal Post which keep me in touch with a city where i lived and started my career after the Bhopal gas disaster in which you played one of the most critical role in reporting this HUMAN TRAGEDY to the Global Readers as a journalist.

    I salute you for your courage and foresightedness.

    With warm regards

    Mahendra K SHUKLA

  3. aditya verma says:

    well in cyber world Rajkumar sir. i am very glad for your site, because i read your articale’s in Rasrang in Dainik Bhaskar and i think how i comment on it. I read your today’s articale on Mugal E Azam and Anarkali that’s to much knowaldgeble. Thanks for all good article’s on Hindi Cinema world. Thank’s again.

  4. Thank you Aditya Verma. If am able to write so regularly, it is solely because of my readers. So thanks to you all.

  5. Michael Alexander says:

    I am hoping someone can help with my research. Some distant ancestors of mine were close allies of the Begums of Bhopal. One of them was a signitory on a treaty with the British East India Company in 1818 – Balthasar Bourbon – aka Shahzad Misseah.

    I am really trying to find out more about my great, great grandfather, Anthony Bourbon. He is shown in a genealogical table, published in 1887, as being “late Captain of the Begum’s Horse.” But there are familt stories that this gentleman was also something to do with the “elephant army,” by this time a cerimionial role only in an fighting force.

    Any suggestions as to what I can find out more about Anthony Bourbon would be most appreciated – or any suggestions.

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