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Anna Hazare goes ahead with his fast in police detention


Anna Hazare goes ahead with his fast in police detention


New Delhi August 16, 2011  :  The Anti-Curroption campaigner Anna Hazare, who was earlier detained and later arrested by Delhi Police has launched a fast in police custody. Going a step further on his original plan, he is reported to have stopped even taking the water.

“He is on fast. He is not even taking water,” a spokesperson for the Hazare Team said.

Besides Hazare, his close associates Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Shanti Bhushan and several hundred workers too have been arrested so far.

Anna hazare had announced to launch his indefinite fast from today demanding withdrawal of the “weak” Lok Pal Bill, often described as ‘Joke Pal Bill’ and instead introduce a meaningful bill as suggested by the civil society members.

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  1. Arrest of Annaji in request for passing the Lok Pal Bill in making corruption free India means Mr. Manmohan Government is following Lt. Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s imposed emergency resulting ruining Congress! God give them Sadbudhhi in following Democratic way of governance rather dictatorship.

  2. This is called the government of the biggest democracy who spent so much money in keeping Kasab safe who killed many of Indians and putting the person behind the bars who try to kill corruption and love india so much…
    don’t understand why the world’s the best constitution, law n justice are misused so often….

  3. It is quite nice, but as covering Anna time counts very much…after every hour there is news, so pl mention time also with date so we can confirm it to be latest or go for more news coming.

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