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Twitter Quotes!

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Advertising spreads awareness, yes, but what about ads towards kids for harmful packeged foods? That’s exploitation nt awareness. Clever ads r not just informative, bt they try 2 create a need when there was none.

Why is world economic model based on over consumption? Don’t u think we need to reassess this economic model?

Teaching to me is about helping people unlock their own creative potential – enjoying doing that at Doha Film Institute

Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future

If you understand life, you must be misinformed.

An intense life needs a touch of madness

Small decisions may hold significant consequences.

The bright side: I’m spending 5 hr a day in front of the TV and I don’t feel guilty!

The right to be heard, does not necessarily include the right to be taken seriously ..

British Met Dept said showers last night ..’twas the clearest night ever with incredible moon .. getting a bit like our own Met Dept ..

The wonderful thing about words is that once we’ve learnt their meanings, we rarely give them a second thought ..!! Hmmm !!

Everyone getting the whole thing on Raavan review all wrong..Its not MY review, its the review of someone from my blog ..fascinating !!

‘Whenever there is a hard job to be done, I assign it to the laziest man – he’ll surely find an easy way of doing it !’ – BillGates

English is a very ‘phunny languaze’! I see the use of expression ‘kick ass’ so often. Try translating that to Hindi..will never be used

@RDAmbekar my wisdom is zero .. i just pick up thoughts and share them ..

Relations and medicine play same role in our life. Both care for us in pain. Only difference – relationship does not have expiry date !

Lata Mangeshkar

@ashabhosle Dear asha,nandu,anu,ranjay,jai,hav a good and a safe holiday..,my love and blessings r always there with you”ll….love.didi

@ushamangeshkar usha i heard your new ghazal, khup chan gaaylis tu

@DalaiLama i hav always admired and respected u,we have never met but hopefully some time in the future i will get the privilege to meet u..

@ashabhosle ok barkha bahar composed by shankar-jaikishan,film mayurpankh is my fav.duet with you….. 2:26 PM Jun 18th via web in reply to ashabhosle

@ashabhosle asha , ha maza twitter cha original id aahe.lata 2:22 PM Jun 17th via web in reply to ashabhosle

Sonu Nigam

@mangeshkarlata Namaskr didi. Aapke album mein mera gaana, gaana nahin hai, aapki dee hui taaleem hai.. Mera saubhagya ke aapne pasand kiya. 10:15 PM Jun 23rd via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to mangeshkarlata

Latest dialogue from a South Indian film “I will hit you so hard even Google will not be able to find you!” 2:48 PM Jun 21st via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Sachin Tendulkar

Thought for the day- How you take off has nothing to do with how high you will fly! 12:43 PM Jun 15th via web

1/2 Met a boy called Varun who has Leukemia through MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION. I was really impressed with his knowledge on cricket… 7:46 PM Jun 4th via UberTwitter

2/2 Even adults haven’t asked me such insightful questions.He is one of the brightest kids I have ever met.I pray for his speedy recovery. 7:50 PM Jun 4th via UberTwitter

Shammi Kapoor

Had a super weekend. Getting ready to go for dialysis. My very best wishes to all you wonderful people for being my well-wishers. Love 9:57 AM Jun 14th via UberTwitter

@ashabhosle. My dear sister namaste. I would love to call you as soon as I locate your cell number. If you have mine please call. Love 12:09 PM Jun 3rd via UberTwitter in reply to ashabhosle

RT @chinubhai_810: @shamsheraj Do u remember a editor called ANMOL PUROHIT… He was SAJJAN. I remember Sajjanji from Prithvi Theater days. 9:26 AM May 25th via UberTwitter

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  1. Kr.Rajendra Kumar Singh says:

    We learnt to run.We learnt to fly.We learned to swim.But when will we learn to live and walk as human being.

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